About Us

NORI MOTTA : Pronounce as Nori Mot-ta

We focus in positioning the right product at the right price point. We believe in beautiful things without breaking the bank.

And they are also like, really, really pretty. Trust us, we’re you! NORI MOTTA is created by real people behind the scene trying to work

out the best silhouette and materials to you, while having a ball doing it.

3 Things you need to know About Us

What does NORI MOTTA Stand For ?
NORI MOTTA, Defined as “Norihan Mokhtar” which has inspired by her son when he played on casino free slots and gained an idea to create the International Malaysians fashion house. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1961, she was celebrated for her work in refining, and improving to shared her fashion’s imaginations for Malaysia cultures in an innovation of fashion industries.

Their passion and dedication in fashion designing have resulted in high quality and stylish clothes which would reflect us as individuals to dressed by many nation and international clothes enthusiasts.


How are NORI MOTTA Products different from other Fashion Brand ?
NORI MOTTA believes in the right point for the right products. We don’t believe in overpriced items in consumerism.
What is NORI MOTTA’s Tagline ?

“MALAYSIA’s Redifining women’s fashion wear”